After analyzing the twitter accounts of a publicist, a celebrity, and an entertainment news reporter this past week, I discovered both positive and negative trends being used in order to move a message to the public and gain a relationship with followers.  Essentially, getting an effective message out to the public is the ultimate goal of the people in each of these categories.  Let’s take a look to see what worked and what didn’t.

First, I followed Elaine Garza, local Austin publicist for Giant Noise.  Because she mixed personal tweets with professional and promotional tweets, there was not one overarching message.  However, there was one identifying theme uniting all her tweets: the promotion of new and up-in-coming entertainment in Austin.  This local entertainment included artists, bands, shows, restaurants, hotels and events in Austin.  She tweeted 13 times last week, seven of those tweets being on March 3.  I felt that this was the perfect amount because it was frequent enough to engage followers, while not overwhelming them with constant static noise.

Speaking of followers, the number increased slightly over the week but Garza did not welcome or engage with any of the new followers.  However, I imagine it would be difficult to engage with new followers when you have 560, many of which are not personal twitter accounts.  Nonetheless, she did ask the audience the question “Wanna win a new website?”  By providing the link, curious followers were easily able to access it and partake in Giant Noise’s contest.  She retweeted various activities currently going on in Austin every day to highlight interesting events.  Most of her tweets were informative using little of her own personality or voice, which is how PR practitioners are supposed to relay information.  Additionally, none of her tweets were “self-promotional” per-se, but more client-oriented and promotional.  Although this kind of promotion obviously serves in Garza’s self-interest as a publicist for Giant Noise, very seldom did she tweet about her personal life.  Overall, I think Garza used twitter the most effectively of the three entertainment accounts I analyzed.  Everything she tweeted was very helpful in order to be “in-the-know” around Austin.

Unfortunately, celebrity Mary-Kate Olsen was not as eloquently versed in the Twitter world.  During the entire week she had one tweet: “My day has been made thanks to you xoxo.”  As ambiguous and uninformative as this tweet was for me, I believe her 95,307 followers felt the same.  Although her followers increased throughout the week (pretty standard for celebrities), she did nothing to welcome, ask questions or engage with the audience.  Although I noticed repetition of a self-promoting tweet to subscribe to her new clothing line on Youtube before and after last week, overall her twitter was overwhelmingly boring and ineffective.  She did not tweet frequently enough or retweet at all.  Consequently, I quickly lost interest, which is a shame because I’m obsessed with Mary-Kate Olsen.  She has the potential for a very interesting Twitter that could increase her popularity/fame, since she is a pretty mysterious and introverted celebrity.

Lastly, I followed Perez Hilton, well-known celebrity gossip blogger/entertainment news reporter.  Man, is he a handful.  He consistently tweeted almost every hour, some times even more.  I felt bombarded by this frequency so I ended up ignoring most of his posts.  He has a whopping following of over 1.8 million, which significantly increased daily because, although annoying, he is admittedly funny and entertaining (for a while).  The main message Hilton related this week in a nutshell was, “Celebrities are idiotic, and I deserve more praise.”  He was very self-promotional throughout the week, often talking about himself among celebrity mentions.  He maintained an overly sarcastic tone with entertaining tweets.

However, I will say that he did a great job of engaging the audience by asking questions such as, “Is anyone else getting random tweets in their timeline?”  He also retweeted interesting and breaking Hollywood news for his audience to check out.  Since social media such as twitter and blogs are the basis for Hilton’s fame and profession, his twitter serves to establish and promote this image as a celebrity gossip guru.  On the other hand, I felt that his twitter became ineffective because it was so cluttered and overwhelming that I couldn’t pick out what was really newsworthy and what was irrelevant.


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