Mini Media-Kit

From the acclaimed Indie award-winner and mastermind director and screenwriter, Tom DiCillo, comes a nostalgic documentary that brings viewers on a whirlwind adventure with one of the greatest bands of all times, The Doors.  Narrated by actor Johnny Depp, the band’s infamous lyrics are brought to life.

Never-before-seen footage of backstage banter, recording sessions, road trips and concert performances allows you to experience the journey alongside the band.  Seen through the perspective of Robby, Ray, John and Jim, don’t expect to be sheltered, as Morrison was notorious for reckless behavior and multiple arrests.  Thrilling on-stage police riots, drug-use, crowd fights and aggressive behavior is guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the film.  As with most out of control lifestyles, “When You’re Strange,” comes to a crashing halt with the death of Jim Morrison, 27, at his Paris apartment.  The devastating aftermath of his drug overdose leaves a shock and emptiness with fans all over the world.

Click to view the When You’re Strange Media Kit.


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