Pickle-1 Nickelback-0

What do Snooki and Nickelback have in common? A BIG pickle, apparently.

photo by rollingstone.com

A few weeks ago, a brilliant facebook group surfaced called, “Can This Pickle Get More Fans than Nickelback?”  Upon first exposure, I had NO doubt in my mind this group would succeed and accomplish—no, surpass– the task at hand.  Well, sure enough… it did.  According to RollingStone, the group just reached the 1,487, 000 mark, since Feb. 3, while Nickelback has only about 1.4 million fans in its entire existence.  Hilarious.

I’d attribute this victory partially to Nickelback being a REALLY dumb band and partially because…well, pickles are just delicious.  Ask Snooki.  What’s even funnier is Chad Kroeger’s backlash.  This rock star wannabe seriously got offended that a pickle was more popular than him.  This screams middle school girl, not rock star, Chad.  Come on dude, this is probably the most publicity you’ve gotten since “How You Remind Me” came out in 2001.  Gahhh, what an uncomfortably PAINFUL song.

Anyways, it gets worse.  Chad legitimately contacted the group creator with a facebook message titled, “this is chad.”  Bad Chad.  No, No.  OK, we already know your band is pathetic; no need to entrench your image as a loser any more.  From a PR standpoint, this was clearly not the right approach to the situation.   The fact that you actually seem to care makes you more of a laughing stock.  I guess if I was Nickelback’s publicist—apart from the closeted behind-the-back giggling going on–I’d think this can’t be great news.

On the other hand, who honestly cares about Nickelback?  Have you EVER heard of a Nickelback groupie?  Have you EVER anxiously awaited Nickelback tour dates to be announced, hoping one’s coming to a city near you? If this describes you…that’s just questionable.  I am probably not great friends with you, nor do I want to be, sorry.  As a publicist, I’d probably think, “Oh Great! Nickelback is FINALLY being talked about on facebook!”  This is actually great PR for Nickelback.  So just sit back, relax, and grab a juicy pickle.  Not much more you can do.

Perez Hilton has exclusive snapshot of the facebook message, take a look.  It’s hysterical.

photo by perezhilton.com


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