Life’s Still Breezy for Lil’ Weezy

Well, kinda.

Coincidental that Dwayne Carter, AKA “Lil’ Wayne,”  dropped a new album, performed on the Grammys, and snagged the cover of Rolling Stone all the week before heading to the big house, Feb. 9?  I think not.

photo by Rolling Stone

Today’s new issue of Rolling Stone was released with none-other-than the glorified criminal himself, Mr. Carter, on the cover.  Not surprisingly, this cash money millionaire has legitimized the phrase, “mo’ money, mo’ problems,” with his 2007 arrest in New York City for possession of a .40 caliber handgun.  Since then, Lil’ Wayne has continued to drop genius lyrics, which have scored him countless billboard hits and dinosaur fame within the rap scene. His much anticipated album, Rebirth, came out yesterday with the intent to commemorate his last few days of freedom.

Alas!  Don’t be disheartened thug friends, Lil’ Wayne shows no signs of this temporary hiatus slowing him down. According to Rolling Stone, Wayne’s manager, Cortez Bryant, plans on keeping Lil’ Wayne alive with a strong presence on social media sites, such as a jailhouse Twitter account (comical), and endorsements.  “I’ll have an iPod, and I’ll make sure they keep sending me beats,” says Lil’ Wayne.  Well, I’m sure the slammer will make for some interesting lyrics.  Expect a song titled, “Don’t Look at Me in the Shower,” or “I Don’t Like Mush for Dinner,” in the near future.  It’s going to be world-shattering–life changing.  SO relatable.

Lucky for Wayne, he really has no need to worry about his image being tarnished.  If anything, this whole “jail thing” has only furthered his career, shooting him to the top of the rap game (literally). And his publicist, whoever that may be, is a rockstar.  Seriously.  Everything he/she has done in the past couple of years, and even in the last couple of weeks, has only lead Wayne to greater domination over the music industry.  Timing is everything with publicity.  So, congrats.  I believe YOU, my friend, have hit the bulls eye.

Well, I can’t imagine prison being much fun…but it looks as if our precious gangsta will survive.   Fortunately enough, if he really wants to, he can even avoid the whole uncomfortable shower thing all together.  Good thing he has dreadlocks and no need for a brush (which may be outlawed in prison, anyway–a weapon of unsusual sorts).  I mean, at least he’s going out with a BANG.  You will be missed, Lil’ Weezy…we will wait anxiously for your return.  Until then, I will follow your jailhouse Twitter.


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One response to “Life’s Still Breezy for Lil’ Weezy

  1. B Mama

    I’m so glad you told me about the jailhouse Twitter…didn’t quite know how I was going to make it without Lil Weezie for that long.

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