Ipad or Itampon?

As you may very well know by now, Apple launched its new iPad today, and apparently, Steve Jobs has a sense of humor.

photo by 9to5mac.com

Yes, that’s right.  Yet another toy has been unveiled to unite hipsters and tech savvy geeks alike.  I’ve been following the blog,  9 to 5 Mac, for insightful updates and buzz surrounding today’s big release.  Basically, it looks like the iPad is a cross between an iPhone and a notebook or laptop.  Sounds more to me like it should be called iRobot rather than iPad.

Everyone’s talking.  Unfortunately, it ain’t all good.  Although some techies, such as Stephen Hutcheon, an editor at the Sydney Morning Herald, say the iPad has “sex appeal,” Apple haters across the web have begun to coin the nickname “iTampon.”  The phrase is referenced quite a bit on social media sites, such as twitter and facebook.  To be frank, I find this hilariously disturbing.

Well…I’m pretty sure Apple finds it more disturbing than I do (and probably not hilarious).  I imagine that this is a publicist’s worst nightmare.  What is supposed to be a proud climax following many months of labor and build up is instead undermined by a nickname referring to…well, a woman’s monthly cycle.  No other way of putting it.  Sorry guys.

Action is needed fast, before things get out of hand.  First, in order to live up to Apple’s sexy image, it needs to abort this not-so-sexy name, immediately.  The iPad still has a couple months until it’s release, so I’m sure the good people out in California can think up something to spiff up the name.  Next, we better hope celebrities start taking their iPads with them everywhere. If I were Jobs, you can bet your bottom dollar Hollywood would be receiving a shipment of these babies before the public could purchase them.  The more exposure, the more publicity.  The more endorsement, THE BETTER.  Period (no pun intended).

For a good chuckle check out this video…



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2 responses to “Ipad or Itampon?

  1. B Mama

    Wow Allison is.

    I really like your insightful thoughts about all of this CRAZINESS! I can’t believe they are calling it a tampon…just an insult to woman kind, you know. Not a feminist or anything, but I would kindly like to leave my monthly cycle out of the news. Period. (no pun intended). Can’t wait to hear more from this blog..keep updating. You go girl!

  2. This only serves to support my belief that technology is evil.

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